Vote on the EU Repeal Bill

My vote last night on the EU Repeal Bill was a vote against this weakened government taking power away from our elected Parliament.

Labour respects the result of the referendum; we voted to trigger Article 50, and support a jobs-first Brexit with full access to the lucrative EU single market.

Far from bringing back control and democracy, this bill gives unaccountable power to the Government, while by-passing Parliament. It gives Tory ministers total control over the 20,000 pieces of EU law which are to become British law as we leave the EU. Freedom to change, or drop altogether, as they see fit.

Labour’s proposals are sensible, flexible, and prioritise what is best for the country, rather than for hard-line Tory backbenchers.

This is a process that we must not allow to divide us – we are united in our aim for a relationship with the EU that prioritises jobs and the economy. We are leaving the EU, but we must do so in a considered way.

My full statement is below.

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