Kirklees Council Funding – Social Care (Opposition Day Debate)

I spoke in the Social Care debate, about how the chronic underfunding of local authorities means that they are struggling to cope to fund Social Care. Kirklees Council needs an additional £12m a year to fully fund the service. The Minister was unable to tell me, or our Councillors, where that money should come from.

On Thursday, I urge you to vote Labour in the local elections to make sure that the most vulnerable in our society are protected.

Funding Cuts to Schools – Schools (Opposition Day Debate)

In the chamber on Wednesday, I raised the statistic that 80% of secondary schools in my constituency have seen a rise of class sizes between 2014-17. Every secondary school has had to cut staff during that time. These two issues are intrinsically linked.

This Government is letting our children down. We need a Labour government which will fully fund our education system.

NHS Privatisation (Westminster Hall Debate)

In the debate on the e-petition ‘The privatisation of NHS services’, which 556 people in the Colne Valley constituency have signed, I raised my concerns about creeping privatisation, which is undermining the hard work of staff and the quality of care being provided.

We need to put people before profit in our health care system.