RCN protest outside Parliament

On the day that Theresa May dismissed public sector workers as “this, that and the other”, the hard-working and underpaid nurses of the Royal College of Nursing were protesting outside Parliament.

I spoke with them to listen to their concerns and show my support for the campaign to #ScrapTheCap.

It’s totally unacceptable for nurses to be £3000 a year worse off today, compared to 2010. We have nurses visiting foodbanks, and a government that simply does not care. Half the country voted for an end to this austerity, and it’s time for the Tories to act.

Legal Aid for unaccompanied children

Legal Aid cuts imposed by the Tories are yet another destructive and ideological attack, in the name of austerity, on the weakest and most vulnerable in our society.

Today in Parliament I urged the Secretary of State for Justice to act on the recent Children’s Society’s report “Cut off from Justice”, which shows a 56% drop in availability of legal aid among unaccompanied migrant children in Yorkshire.

Welcome Centre funding bid

The amazing Welcome Centre need your vote.

The Welcome Centre do incredible work, helping the people in our society who need a hand up during times of crisis. It’s shameful that nurses and full time workers are being referred to food banks in 21st century Britain, but until we achieve a Labour government we must support one-another through this harsh austerity.

Last year they distributed 5,335 food packs to people in crisis, supporting a total of 3,101 people, more than a quarter of which were children.

Please visit this link and vote for The Welcome Centre to win funding for their pilot scheme to end “Holiday Hunger”.


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Ale Trail update

The behaviour of a minority of people on the “Ale Trail” has been causing issues for a number of residents in Marsden and Slaithwaite.

In recent weeks I have met with the Chief Superintendent, spoken to many residents, and met with representatives from both Northern Rail and Transpennine Express. I am hopeful that together we can come up with a solution to this on-going problem.

Right now – the best thing you can do is please report every incident of illegal or anti-social behaviour to the police by calling 101.

Please share this post to increase awareness and tell everyone you know to report report report! Police response is directly linked to the number of complaints they are made aware of.

Letter to Chris Grayling regarding transport in the north

Following the Transport Secretary’s outrageous comments yesterday – saying that the north has responsibility for it’s own transport, while omitting that the government control the budget – we have sent a joint letter to express our anger.

Investment is required, as with so many of our public services.

Spending per head on public transport is SIX TIMES higher in London than around the country. This is unacceptable and I am fighting for much needed improvements here in Colne Valley.

Letter to DEFRA about puppy smuggling

Following the Dogs Trust’s report into puppy smuggling I wrote to DEFRA urging them to implement the recommendations made.

The Dogs Trust carried out a number of in-depth investigations into the abuse of Pet Travel Schemes and the government must make use of the evidence provided and ensure that no animal suffers via illegal smuggling.

This is an issue several constituents contacted me about, and I am pleased to support them and the Dogs Trust in this matter.

Campaign for investment into northern railways

Spending on public transport is 6 times more per person in London than around the UK. The news that rail electrification between Leeds and Manchester has been cancelled is unacceptable.

I’m supporting the campaign to bring more investment to our northern railways. This is how you can help:

1. Sign this petition to increase pressure on the government.

2. Share your horror stories of local public transport with me here. The more evidence the better.

Together we will fight for improved services.