Labour Conference policies

Today at Conference Labour continued so set out how we will build a better fairer society, that works for the many not the few.

The largest conference yet, from the largest political party in Western Europe. We are a government in waiting, and as we showed in Colne Valley people want positive change in Britain.

Labour will:

  • Improve living standards and build a high-wage economy with investment in British industries.
  • Negotiate a Brexit deal that puts jobs and living standards first
  • Invest over £30 billion extra into the NHS along with an extra £8 billion in social care.
  • Stop the cuts to schools budgets, reduce class sizes and provide universal free school meals.
  • Build over 1 million new homes in 5 years, half of which will be genuinely affordable.
  • Hire an extra 10,000 police officers, prioritising neighbourhood policing.

Labour pledge on credit card debt

Great policy announced today by Labour. At a time when personal debt in the UK is growing at an alarming rate it’s right for government to act and help the millions of people who are scraping by each month.

Bringing credit card debt in-line with payday loans is a simple but effective approach.

Labour Party Conference

It’s Labour Party Conference this week, the annual meeting of Labour members from around the country.

Labour is a democratic party, with all members having a say, and Conference is where representatives from local CLPs (Constituency Labour Parties – ours is ‘Colne Valley Labour Party’), trade unions, and MP’s all come together to vote on framework, policy and rule-changes.

Held in Brighton, it’s a vibrant and busy event, and yesterday was Women’s Conference which is always held on Saturday prior to the full conference opening on Sunday.

Don’t forget – if you want to have your say, please join the Labour Party and come along to meet other people in Colne Valley who are working towards the next Labour government – for the many, not the few

Interview with BBC Sunday Politics

I did a short interview with BBC Sunday Politics earlier this week, which was broadcast today.

Colne Valley saw one of the largest swings to Labour in the UK, which was testament to the hard work of local Labour Party members, and to the desire for change and authenticity, from local residents.

I know from talking to people on the doorsteps, in all of our villages and valleys, that people wanted a politician who will vote for Colne Valley residents when in Westminster, which I will always do.

Nursing Champion for the RCN

I shared with you my discussions with the hard-working, but understandably frustrated, nurses from the Royal College of Nursing who were protesting outside Parliament last week.

I have since met with the RCN who represent more than 435,000 nurses, student nurses, midwives and health care assistants to offer my support.

I’m proud to say I have become a ‘Nursing Champion’; pledging to help nurses in the Colne Valley and around the UK achieve their aims of investment, fair-pay, and improvements to patient care.

You can find out more details about the RCN here


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting with Sobiah from Masoom care, an exciting group established by carers to support other carers from the BME community in Huddersfield.

Carers provide an invaluable service to our community, and often their own needs are overlooked. Great to see a service that helps them, well done to all involved.

Slaithaite Country Show

Always a great time to be had at Slaithwaite Country Show. Colne Valley is fortunate to have so many volunteers who give their time over to organising such wonderful community events.

Thank you to Slaithwaite Cricket & Bowling Club for hosting, and the many local businesses who sponsored the event.

I’m honoured to be a part of such a great community.

Globe Gallery in Slaithwaite

Enjoyed my visit to Globe Gallery in Slaithwaite to view the beautiful work on display.

A true asset to Slaithwaite village, Globe Arts Education have gone from strength to strength since opening only 3 years ago.

They offer classes ranging from dry stone walling to life drawing, and you can find out more details on their website here:

Launch of The Buzz Project

I attended the launch of The Buzz Project, which is an amazing initiative set up by a Syrian bee specialist in Marsden.

Dr Ryad Alsous wants to help local refugees and job-seekers to find a place and purpose in the community, while sharing his knowledge about bees. A great idea, which also benefits our environment.

Honley Feast

Wonderful time had by all at Honley Feast this weekend. The tradition dates back to the 1800s when every home would open its doors to offer home made food and drink. They even had elephants and camels!

Well done to Honley Business Association who organise the event, with all proceeds going towards supporting Honley and its residents. Big thanks to all stall holders and everyone who attended.