Campaign day – Hope

Great day campaigning across the constituency, talking to people about Labour’s message of hope – we can make things better with an alternative to austerity.

Had a great response from people in all areas of Colne Valley, thank you to all the local Labour teams, and to everyone who took the time to talk to us.

Funding for neonatal care

The first few moments after birth can have lifelong outcomes, yet tiny and sick babies are being denied the comforting presence of a parent due to a lack of resources.

One young mother from Colne Valley told me how she was transferred to three different hospitals in 24 hours after giving birth, and was not able to stay with her son, having to make a 2 hour journey to see him. This is an entirely avoidable problem, and seems to be yet another example of our NHS not receiving the resources it needs.

I have asked the Health Secretary to explain why national standards are not being met in this area, and what steps are being taken to better support new parents and families during and after their stay in hospital.

My inspirational time at Labour Conference

I had a wonderful time at Labour Conference this week in Brighton. Labour are a government in waiting, and we will change Britain for the better!

Such an inspirational event, bristling with enthusiasm and democracy, it was great to meet so many inspiring people.

I met with Jo and Beccy from the National Deaf Children’s Society to discuss how we can support deaf children to overcome barriers in education.

Also enjoyed a chat with The Children’s Society about supporting Colne Valley children. The UK is the sixth richest country in the world and yet 4 million children live in poverty. I am committed to tackling this as your MP.

Campaigner of the week

I shared with you the things I have done for Colne Valley in my first 100 days last week, and the magazine for Westminster that is delivered to MPs and peers picked up on the story and featured me as their ‘Campaigner of the week’!

Some of your lovely comments were published too. Thank you to all the people who commented, and I will continue to work hard on your behalf.

Clem’s Garden – Countering loneliness with flowers

Clem’s Garden need your help with their project to counter loneliness in later life…with flowers!

Clem’s Garden is a new social enterprise in Lindley, bringing people together to share in a community garden, growing and selling flowers. The group will provide meaning, focus and the opportunity to make more social links. Loneliness in later life is a growing problem in our society and I’m giving the project my full support.

They have the land, and are applying for funding – but what they need most right now are volunteers to help clear and prepare the land for planting.

I will be putting on my wellies and joining them, hopefully this weekend, along with other volunteers. Please come along and help, or if you can offer any skills or resources, or want to get involved, please contact

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to Conference

A rousing speech from Jeremy Corbyn today at Labour Conference. An honour to share a stage with someone who has changed the poltical mainstream in Britain.

A new consensus has emerged from the crash of 2008 and the decade of austerity that followed. People have found a political voice for their hopes of something different and better.

We offer people a clear choice, and will continue to broaden the consensus around the priorities we offered in the election, making the case for both compassion and collective aspiration.

People put their faith in Labour because we offer an antidote to apathy and despair. Labour can and will deliver a Britain for the many not the few.

This is now the real centre of British politics, built around hope and real democracy.

WASPI campaigners at Conference

I was pleased to catch up with WASPI campaigners at Labour Conference – their message: we’re not going away!

I stand with them. Labour promised in our Manifesto to provide pension credit and additional support to the two and a half million 1950s women still waiting to retire. We must put right the injustice these women face.

As a member of the APPG on State Pension Age Inequality I will be working to make that a reality in the coming months and years.

Jon Ashworth’s Labour Conference speech

“The nation left shocked by a little boy with suspected meningitis waiting 5 hours in an A&E without a bed, forced to lie on two plastic chairs.

Some called it a humanitarian crisis. Let’s call it what is really is – a Tory manufactured crisis.”

Jon Ashworth, Shadow Health Secretary speaking today at Labour Party Conference. Watch his speech below.

We are calling on the Tories to immediately bring forward the winter bailout fund of £500M. If Theresa May oversees a collapse on the same scale as last year, 10,000 people will be waiting more than 4 hours for A&E every day, with hundreds of operations cancelled and waiting lists growing.

Funding for GP appointments

I welcome more funding for GPs, as many Colne Valley residents struggle to get appointments particularly at short notice. If this helps to reduce waiting lists it can only be a good thing.

That said, we all know it’s a temporary fix to a long-standing problem of chronic underfunding. I’ll be speaking to local doctors to hear their opinions, but what do you think?

I’d love to hear your views below, and if you are a clinician please email me your thoughts in the utmost confidence – contact me.