Michael Mansfield QC agrees to chair ‘People’s Commission’ into future of HRI

As a supporter of the #HandsOffHRI campaign since the beginning, I was very encouraged to hear the most recent update from the campaign – that Michael Mansfield QC has agreed to chair a ‘People’s Commission’ into the proposed removal of local A&E services and downgrade/closure of our hospital. Michael Mansfield is one of the highest profile barristers in the country and has previously chaired two such commissions into proposed hospital closures, as well as inquiries into the Grenfell and Hillsborough disasters and more. 

I want to thank and pay tribute to the #HandsOffHRI campaigners, who have kept up their campaign for four years now. As a local resident, I was a member of the campaign, and as your MP, I have continued to support campaigners in Parliament – so I know how hard they have all worked to keep up the pressure against this threat to our NHS.

A statement from the campaign today said:

“We believe it’s vital that we test out these proposals and hear, first hand, from people who work and use the services. We’re delighted that Mr Mansfield has agreed to lead this Commission. He will bring his famously analytical mind to what has become a complex set of plans and proposals from a myriad of organisations and he will test the robustness of these plans. An organising committee will be formed to co-ordinate and oversee the process and volunteers who feel they have the necessary skills and interest are encouraged to apply via email to admin@peoplescommissionhudds.org”.

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