Labour Conference policies

Today at Conference Labour continued so set out how we will build a better fairer society, that works for the many not the few.

The largest conference yet, from the largest political party in Western Europe. We are a government in waiting, and as we showed in Colne Valley people want positive change in Britain.

Labour will:

  • Improve living standards and build a high-wage economy with investment in British industries.
  • Negotiate a Brexit deal that puts jobs and living standards first
  • Invest over £30 billion extra into the NHS along with an extra £8 billion in social care.
  • Stop the cuts to schools budgets, reduce class sizes and provide universal free school meals.
  • Build over 1 million new homes in 5 years, half of which will be genuinely affordable.
  • Hire an extra 10,000 police officers, prioritising neighbourhood policing.

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