HRI Campaign Snubbed by Health Secretary

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt MP “unable at present” to visit HRI and refuses to meet campaigners in Westminster.

The Health Secretary has responded to a letter, sent by Colne Valley’s MP Thelma Walker inviting him to visit the HRI to meet staff and campaigners prior to making a decision about the potential downgrading of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Thelma Walker invited Mr Hunt to visit the HRI after the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee of Kirklees and Calderdale Councils voted to refer the decision about the downgrading to the Health Secretary. You can read that letter in full here – Letter – Jeremy Hunt invitation to visit HRI.

Thelma has now received a response from the Department of Health. This email said that Mr Hunt was currently touring hospitals across the country but could not guarantee when or indeed if, he would visit. The letter went on to say that “due to his already hectic diary commitments” he would not be able to meet with constituents in Westminster.

Speaking after receiving the emailed letter, Thelma Walker said “I am disappointed that the Health Secretary does not appear to care about the people of the Colne and Holme Valleys or Huddersfield.

The plans were referred to him, because the JHSC decided it was an inappropriate decision made by the Trust and CCG’s to downgrade our hospital. Mr Hunt will be unable to make a full and proper assessment of why Huddersfield Royal Infirmary is a vital lifeline for our communities. Nor will he be able to understand the unique geography of the area.”

Thelma added, “This is a blatant disregard for local communities needs and wishes. It shows he is not concerned about the safety of our families, and once again we see a Minister in this Government who refuses to leave their desk in Westminster to actually engage with local people.

This isn’t the last Mr Hunt will hear from me or my constituents, and I will do everything in my power to try and secure a meeting with Mr Hunt and local people.”

5 Replies to “HRI Campaign Snubbed by Health Secretary”

  1. Mr Hunt.. WERE NOT GOING 2 GO AWAY AND BLATETENTLY TRYING 2 AVOID CONTACT WITH US. HOWEVER WE ARE NOT GOING 2 GO AWAY NOR WILL WE EVER GIVE UP UNTIL U EAR WHAT WE HAVE 2 SAY. YOUR ATTEMPTS TO SNUB US IS ONLY EXCELLENT NOOSE 4 YOUR OWN NECK.. MR HUNT U HAVE PROVEN YOUR SELF INHUMANE.. The majority of Huddersfield and rural Huddersfield I’ve spoken 2 2day are incensed by your unessary efforts 2 blank us. We’ll jezza we’re not going to let u treat us like this. Just because u can’t put yourselfs in our shoes. Turning the UK population against u is not the right way to go about staying in power. Nor are u going the right way about securing the future of health care and services… As sum 1 who works in alcohol and drug support services I’m disappointed ur government has failed to address alcohol and drug problems nor are u doing little 2 support recovery.. Reality is Jeremy Hunt that your failing people and your government is the most unsuccessful highly incompetent government I’ve ever witnessed. Ur stealth changes are been successfully thorwated. Way I see it your government position of u and Mrs may is untenable… And rest assured owt happens 2 any of my family I already have a solicitor ready 2 sue u personally.

  2. Thank you Thelma. Gives me great confidence and joy that we now have an MP who is truly drives by socialist values and genuine care for championing the needs of all members of our community. For the many not the few.
    Thank you again.. Fight the good fight. ( just off to look up an old school him that is lurking in my mind about this phrase, will let you know what it is when I recall it. Best wishes.
    Sheila Bates.

  3. To be honest Thelma this doesn’t surprise me from a Minister of this government they seem hell bent on privatising our NHS they don’t give a damn about the communities all you seem to get is ‘its a local problem’ what on earth do these Ministers do. Thank you for all you are doing for the HRI campaign as well as other MP’s in the area

  4. I bet if the mp in this area was a tory he would not hesitate to come and get his face in the local media.if democracy means anything one of the basic requirements of any MP who has responsibility for government departments should be to respond to other mps requests with equal respect.

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