NHS Privatisation (Westminster Hall Debate)

In the debate on the e-petition ‘The privatisation of NHS services’, which 556 people in the Colne Valley constituency have signed, I raised my concerns about creeping privatisation, which is undermining the hard work of staff and the quality of care being provided.

We need to put people before profit in our health care system.

Military Strikes on Syria

Yesterday, I raised the devastating impact the conflict in Syria has had on children in the region, many of whom have fled to find safety.

We must take in more unaccompanied children to protect them from harm.

Education Committee – NUS Representation

I asked Sir Michael Barber whether the board of the Office for Students could be truly outstanding without a representative from the National Union of Students (NUS).

I also raised concerns about the alleged discrimination against NUS applicants for the student experience representative on the board, after none of the 133 applicants for the role were appointed, despite some being deemed as ‘appointable’.

Israel-Gaza Border Protests

Along with many of my constituents, I am shocked and appalled by the further use of live fire by Israeli forces, on protesters along the Gaza-Israel border, killing at least 9 people and injuring many more.

These protests mark the beginning of a six-week demonstration against the displacement of Palestinians from the territory, who have suffered countless abuses of their rights over the last several decades. In addition to rights violations, many have had to live in extremely poor conditions and have had limited access to healthcare due to crippling fuel shortages and travel restrictions preventing those seeking medical assistance from accessing it.

The actions taken by Israeli forces against the protesters are immoral and unacceptable, and should be met with complete condemnation from the international community.


Westminster Hall – Recruitment and retention of GPs

In the Westminster Hall Debate on ‘Recruitment and retention of GPs’, I highlighted that some residents are being referred to hospital for procedures such as blood tests due to staffing shortages in GP surgeries.

This is just one of the many warning signs that the Government needs to heed regarding the pressures on General Practice.