Free School Meals and Universal Credit

In the debate on Free School Meals and Universal Credit, I highlighted that 6,400 children in Kirlees would lose out on Free School Meals under the Government’s plans.

Having worked as a head teacher, I have seen first-hand the effect that child hunger has had on children in our schools, and it shocks me that they would try and remove support for disadvanytaged students.

I will continue to campaign alongside my Labour colleagues to oppose these changes, and fight for the most vulnerable in our society.

Education Committee – Access of Apprenticeships

This week in the Education Committee session on the quality of apprenticeships and skills training, I asked the panel what their top priority would be to reduce the barriers to apprenticeships.

It is important that we make sure that apprenticeships are accessible for those applying for them and taking them up.

Library meeting held with Kirklees Council and local volunteer groups

Thelma Walker MP for the Colne Valley has held talks with Kirklees Council and ‘Friends of’ Library groups as a further cut to the library budget is out for consultation.

Representatives from Golcar, Meltham, Honley, Slaithwaite and Holmfirth were all present at the meeting with head of library services, Carol Stump and Kirklees Council Cabinet Member Cllr Graham Turner.

A current consultation is taking place, with the budget looking to be reduced to £2.2m, Thelma and the ‘Friends of’ groups have expressed concern over the way the Kirklees consultation has been written, however, in the meet Cllr Turner said, “they are willing to listen to every idea” and encouraged the groups to share their ideas with the Council. Cllr Turner also clarified that the Council hasn’t got an end goal in mind of where they would like to get to, and will not make that decision until the consultation has ended and a report has been produced.

Speaking after the the meeting  Thelma said, “We have had a productive discussion about the future of our library services across the Colne Valley constituency. The Council doesn’t want to make these reductions to the library budget but have had their hands tied by Central Government cuts to local authorities. They have to make the tough choice. Do they reduce care for an elderly person or keep a library open? Even the Prime Minister couldn’t answer which one they should do!”

Thelma added, “I want to praise the work of the volunteers at each of the ‘Friends’ Groups, which are working to keep our libraries open. Without these volunteers, many of these services would have closed or would only be open for a couple of hours a week.”

International Women’s Day

I am proud to stand alongside my fellow female Labour colleagues and Jeremy Corbyn MP to celebrate International Women’s Day.

There is still a lot of work to be done to achieve a 50/50 Parliament, but our commitment is stronger than ever.



International Women’s Day 2018

On International Women’s Day, I’m proud to be announcing Labour’s policy to ensure employers close their gender pay gaps. ‬‪It’s time to end the scandal of unequal pay and close the gender pay gap once and for all. #IWD2018

Posted by Dawn Butler on Mittwoch, 7. März 2018

Bold Beginnings Report – Education Select Committee

In the accountability hearing on the 7th March 2018, Thelma asked Chief Inspector of Ofsted Amanda Spielman, about the controversial Bold Beginnings report.

Bold Beginnings could cause detrimental effects on young children’s confidence and motivation to learn. It is also ignoring the vast majority of parents’ wishes and is questioning early years teachers’ professional integrity.

This isn’t Bold Beginnings, it’s Boring Beginnings!

March 4 Women

Great to join thousands of women marching for equality. Time’s up on the pay-gap, unreported sexual assault and being treated differently to men. #March4Women

British Sign Language debate

I spoke in the Westminster Hall Debate triggered by an e-petition asking for British Sign Language to be made part of the National Curriculum.

It is so important to remember the communication barriers that those with hearing loss face, and introducing BSL into the National Curriculum would be an important step to remove these barriers.

Media Coverage of Hands off HRI at Parliament

In case you missed it, here is the media coverage of the Hands Off HRI’s visit to Parliament this week. The sheer determination of the campaigners meant that the Beast from the East was no match for them!

Huddersfield Examiner


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