Israel-Gaza Border Protests

Along with many of my constituents, I am shocked and appalled by the further use of live fire by Israeli forces, on protesters along the Gaza-Israel border, killing at least 9 people and injuring many more.

These protests mark the beginning of a six-week demonstration against the displacement of Palestinians from the territory, who have suffered countless abuses of their rights over the last several decades. In addition to rights violations, many have had to live in extremely poor conditions and have had limited access to healthcare due to crippling fuel shortages and travel restrictions preventing those seeking medical assistance from accessing it.

The actions taken by Israeli forces against the protesters are immoral and unacceptable, and should be met with complete condemnation from the international community.

Westminster Hall – Recruitment and retention of GPs

In the Westminster Hall Debate on ‘Recruitment and retention of GPs’, I highlighted that some residents are being referred to hospital for procedures such as blood tests due to staffing shortages in GP surgeries.

This is just one of the many warning signs that the Government needs to heed regarding the pressures on General Practice.

General Debate on the Economy – Poverty

In the debate on the economy last week, I intervened to highlight the growing use of foodbanks, an increase in child poverty and homelessness, and that the life expectancy for some women has gone down for the first time since the 1920’s.

These facts show that this is a Government which does not care about the many.

Education Committee – School Funding Crisis

In the Education Committee session with the Secretary of State Damian Hinds MP, I raised the concerns of head teachers in our local area about budget pressures.

A report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies revealed that by 2019 education funding will have fallen by 4.6%.

I pushed the Secretary of State to make a commitment to fight for more money for education in the next spnding review, and to close the funding gap in our schools.

Point of Order – IRP Report

Following on from my question to the Health Secretary about the IRP report, I raised a point of order with the Deputy Speaker on Wednesday to try to and gauge exactly what was meant by “in due course”, the term which the Minister keeps repeating, when I ask for the exact date that the report will be released.